XML for Journals and Books

XML for Book Publishing & Journal Publishing

When you go in an XML-based publishing environment, the ideal approach can save yourself time and also make new publishing paradigms potential if you plan and layout the arrangement. XML is a highly effective medium for articles, as it transforms out your files out of a mash of text and items into a kind able, flexible, hierarchical selection of bits. Assessing existing unstructured content is vital to achieve long-term and short-term publishing objectives.

xml for book publishing
  • We can convert using rich, accurate XML coding and tagging in line with the NLM DTD (JATS) or other DTDs or schemas
  • Correctly handle symbols and special characters; appropriately slot in out-of-order reference citations, etc.
  • Strictly follow journal specific style guide for regularly used terms, abbreviations, units, and other style elements
  • We can check and create hyperlinks to refer to in-text citations, and check for objects like diagrams, figures and tables against in-text callouts